Saying hi

Hello there. My name is Nathalia, but you can call me Thalia. Or Nat. Or whatever nickname you think best. I’m seventeen years old, born and raised in Brazil, and I thought I’d adventure myself in the world of book reviews. Obviously, I love books, and I love talking about them. But all my life I’ve been reading books in Portuguese, which is my mother tongue, and I think it would be interesting for me to read and review books written in English. Don’t worry, I can read and write and speek fairly well in the chosen language.

I hope I don’t drop this project (as I have done so many times before, because I’m lazy and rather self-conscious). I don’t have many other means of expressing my thoughts on the books I read, cause I usually get veery exited and I’m pretty sure my few friends get tired of my endless talk. I’m not sure anyone is interested in what I have to say, but there’s no harm in saying it anyway, right?

Well, I hope you find what I have to say at least slightly interesting. Farewell!


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