Hi! I’m Nathalia. Seventeen years old, born and raised in Brazil. I (obviously) love books more than almost anything (I also love science and all kinds of art, though that’s not the main subject here), and this is where I’ll post subject my thoughts on some of my reads. Even though my mother tongue is Portuguese and I’ve been reading in it my whole life, I thought it would be interesting to read and review books in English. Why?

Well, first, I love the language. It’s beautiful. And second, because it would be a sort of challenge. I mean, I could call myself fluent and I’ve been picking up some books in English to read for a couple years now, and I’m somewhat comfortable with my writing. But this will help me develop my reading and writing skills even more, and I wish someday to live in a English-speaking country.

No, it’s not the american dream. I’m a UK kind of girl.

What books will you be reviewing?

I didn’t choose a particular genre. Anything ranging from middle grade to adult fiction, fiction to non-fiction, classics to contemporary, as long as I feel like it. Of course, I’m a young adult, so maybe (just maybe) you’ll see more of that than any other. Or not.

Do you have any other social medias?

Why, yes! Although I’m not gonna put my Facebook here cause I hate it and it’s personal.

Twitter: @thatevilqueen

Tumblr: thatevilqueen.tumblr.com

Instagram: @eeriequeen


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